Regarding the transfer of the operation of Otsukai

Jul 10, 2018

To all users of Otsukai,
Thank you for using Japanese proxy-buying service Otsukai.

We would like to announce a change in the operation of Otsukai in order to provide you with an even better service.
As of Tuesday 10 July 2018, the operation of Otsukai has been transferred from to Donika Co, Ltd to Gradus Inc.
This means that all personal data and transaction history will be transferred to Gradus Inc. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.
We wish to continue to provide you with an even better service, so we hope that you will continue to make use of Otsukai.

■ Regarding handling of all personal data

All personal data, transaction history and other data held by Donika Co, Ltd as part of MANGA.TOKYO and Otsukai will be safely transferred to Gradus Inc.
All data will be handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and Gradus Inc’s privacy policy. (

■ Contacting Us About This Matter

Should you have any inquires regarding the transfer of the operation of Otsukai, then please contact us via Otsukai using the link below.

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