Update: Offer/Request page redesigns; new field in offer details

Oct 31, 2019

Thank you for using Otsukai.

To help make your experience on Otsukai go more smoothly, we have made some small updates to the Request and Offer pages.

31st October 2019 Updates

■Added a ‘More info’ to the Request details

  • When you go to ‘See more’ to look at offer details, you can now see a ‘More info’ field. Here the Friend can write more details about the offer, such as the size of the item or if they plan on shipping it with another item. If the item is a preorder, they may also note when the item is expected to be released. Please be sure to check this section before accepting offers!

■Request details

  • The design of the Request page has slightly changed
  • You can now find the Request description in the Request details table. If you go to ‘Edit request’ and edit the description, the table itself will update as well as posting your new description to your timeline.

We hope these new features will come in use!

Otsukai are always looking for ways to improve your proxy-buying experience.

We welcome feedback of any kind, so feel free to fill out our feedback form

feedback form if you have any problems, ideas or anything else you would like to let us know.

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